What is Lawn Aeration?

Mar 10, 2021 | Landscaping, Residential

If you own a lawn, and well, care about it, chances are you have heard of aeration. Most lawn owners take note of regular grass cutting, plant trimming, trees and flower planting etc. Many, however, overlook aeration. Aeration is the practice of ensuring there is a good flow of air and water in the soil. To that end, we need to make sure to get rid of thatch or whatever else hindering the soil from breathing.

Lawn Aeration Diagram

Why perform lawn aeration?

Just like us, your grass needs air, water, and nutrients in order to grow thick, green, and strong. After years of constant traffic, your lawn becomes compacted, therefore inhibiting the flow of essential nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. The Toronto summer heat and lack of rainfall enable grasses to gradually thin and eventually die, even if regularly watered. A small layer of even ½ inch thick of compacted soil can make a significant difference in your lawn’s health. This is where lawn aeration comes in. Lawn aeration creates holes in the soil that enables the better flow of water, air, and nutrients, in turn, giving your lawn room to breathe and fill back in thicker and better.

When should I aerate?

Although lawn aeration can be greatly beneficial, if not properly timed it can also cause undo stress your grass. The most optimal time to perform core aeration is right before your grass reaches its peak natural growth time. In the Greater Toronto Area this is Early spring and early fall. It is important to note that when perform the aeration your lawn should be damp and not too dry. To test the conditions, and to see if watering is needed before starting the aerating, poke the ground with a hand spade. If you can easily penetrate 2-3 inches with light effort, then you are good to go. If it’s a struggle, the lawn requires watering. Watering should be done 1-2 hours before aerating. Avoid aerating if the ground is muddy and soil doesn’t easily fall together in your hands.  We recommend aeration takes place the day after a rainfall, or if you’ve scheduled your aeration with us, make sure you water thoroughly the day before we visit to aerate.

What are the benefits of lawn aeration

 1. Enhanced air circulation

It is vital for the topsoil to breathe and get fresh air frequently. As far as nutrition management goes, soil aeration seriously affects the availability of many different types of nutrients in the soil. A large number of the microorganisms that diffuse plant nutrients into the soil need air. Air can fill soil openings as water drains from the soil by evaporation or root absorption. The network of the holes within the soil aerates or ventilates, the soil. both air and water very dynamic parts of soil.

 2. Improved soil water absorption

As mentioned earlier, aeration leads to better nutrients distribution in the soil which would result in better metabolism of the soil. Indeed, an inseparable part of the metabolism process is water. It is however important to water the lawn not more than the amount the soil can actually absorb. Have you ever wondered why your lawn is not thick and green when late July or early August arrive, even though you have been watering your grass regularly? Well now you know why.

3. Improved soil fertility

The primary goal of having a high-quality soil one can ever ideate is a platform for healthy plants. The more fertile your soil, the more chances you can breed healthy plants of interest in your lawn.

 4. Decreased water runoff and mud

The more and the better the soil absorbs the water, the less likelihood of the water runoff in your lawn. Water runoff means water waste and also mud creation. Mud is definitely not so desirable on the lawn and disturbs the looks and cleanliness of the lawn.

 5. Strengthened grassroots

It is important for the plant to grow deeper and stronger roots within the soil. Plants with weak roots are more prone to damage and disease.

6. Reduced soil compression

More pores and vents in the soil mean less compacted soil and vice versa. Better ventilation results in easier breathing and water absorbency for the soil and the grassroots.

 7. improved heat and drought endurance

It is critical to keep the soil in the optimal temperature range. Otherwise, soil moisture balance would be disturbed which is not so good for plant life.

Importance of proper lawn aeration equipment

Does the equipment really matter when it comes to aeration? The short answer is yes! The type of aeration machine can really affect the quality of the outcome. That’s because it is important that the holes are the proper depth and also that there is the proper amount of holes per square foot. Not only that but not using the proper equipment can actually cause more harm than good to your lawn. Hence at EDPS Property Services, we are always investing in the latest lawn maintenance technology in order to ensure our customers are consistently getting the best service in the industry.

The type of aeration machine can really affect the quality of the outcome. 

What you can expect

Immediately after aeration, your lawn will look scratched with small plugs pulled off from the soil. Within a couple of weeks, they break apart and disappear. About a week after aeration, the aerification holes will be filled with bright and actively growing roots. This is a sign that the grass is receiving additional oxygen, moisture, and nutrients from the soil. In some case the difference is immediate. For example, on compacted soil, you may see a significant difference after irrigation or rainfall. It’s important to know the nuts and bolts of lawn aeration. Aeration can be a lot of hard work to do, especially if you are doing it on a big piece of land. Hence, we always recommend outsourcing and hiring a pro to aerate the perfect lawn.

At EDPS, we always take the best approaches and the best methods for the fastest and most efferent result. Training our crew, being on top of the most recent methods and technologies, and being time efficient have always been our first considerations. We customize our services according to the attributes of your property. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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