Commercial Snow REmoval Services

EDPS Property Services offers comprehensive commercial snow removal and ice management services to facility managers and commercial building owners in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, North York, Vaughan, Oakville and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Greater Toronto’s Choice For Commercial Snow Removal since 2007

As a commercial property owner or facility manager, maintaining a clear and safe access to your property is crucial. With the unpredictability of Canadian winters, partnering with a company that has the experience, equipment, systems, and team is crucial to your business’ success.  Get complete peace of mind with an effective snow and ice management program designed and implemented by EDPS Property Services.


Over 15 Years Experience


Experienced and professional team


Self Performed Services


Modern Equipment


Industry leading technology


24/7 weather monitoring

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Commercial Snow and Ice Management

Comprehensive Commercial Snow REmoval & Ice Management Services

From November to April, EDPS Property Service can provide you with 24/7 snow and ice management service.  Our extensive fleet of vehicles and equipment all utilize the latest in snow and ice management and GPS tracking technology, enabling us to provide our customers with timely service and reporting.

Pre-Season Planning

Proper winter maintenance planning begins prior to the season.   With our clients, we develop a comprehensive snow and ice management plan specific to their property, outlining service procedures from snow plowing, snow piling locations, anti-icing procedures, walkway clearing, and even off-site snow relocation. 

Constantly changing weather patterns can make the timing of an event unpredictable, and creating plans of action based on a varied range of possibilities enables our team to be ready and proactive no matter the time or size of the event. 

Experience and Professional Team

Through consistent training, and investments in the latest industry knowledge, our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our clients.

Self-Performed Services

EDPS Property Services offer a full range of commercial snow removal services.  Unlike many snow and ice management companies, our team performs all snow removal and ice management services.  Our equipment, our team, and our standards.

24/7 Weather Monitoring

Comprehensive weather monitoring utilizing modern technology ensures our team can take a proactive approach to your snow and ice management services and dispatch the appropriate services at the most optimal time.

Professional Commercial Snow Removal Services

Our Snow Removal Services and fleet

Our snow and ice removal services have been strategically engineered to handle large industrial logistics centers, corporate campuses, and high traffic facilities.  We pride ourselves on providing our teams extensive snow removal training, enabeling our teams to be an industry leading partner for our customers.

Snow Plowing

Our extensive fleet of over 50 snow removal vehicles and pieces of equipment are available 24/7 from November to April, ready to tackle any snowfall.   Due to our extensive weather monitoring and snow planning our teams are outperforming day-time snow plowing in order to keep your business operating, performing continuous snow-clearing visits until the storm ceases.  Our Vast range of equipment enables us to provide snow plowing services to any property size; from less than an acre to over 50, no matter the amount of snow accumulation.

Our Fleet:
  • 4×4 Pickup Truck
  • Tractors
  • Front End Loaders
  • Skid Steers
  • Latest Snow Plowing Technology
  • and more
    Commercial snow plowing with loader
    sidewalk tractor plowing snow

    Sidewalk Clearing

    We understand that ensuring safe access to all walkways, steps, emergency exits and building entrances correlates to a reduction in the risk of slip-and-falls. Utilizing dedicated sidewalk crews that understand the importance of properly cleared walkways and have access to proper walkway clearing equipment such as, sidewalk tractors, power sweepers, snow blowers and shovels enables us to handle any snowfall efficiently.


    • Sidewalk Tractors
    • Snowrators
    • Shovelling
    • Snow Blowers
    • and more

    Salting & Ice Management

    Utilizing salting and ice management products and techniques on your walkways, laneways, and parking lots mitigates risk and creates a safer environment for your employees and customers.  At EDPS Property Services we utilize a proactive approach to snow and ice management.  This means we immediately apply snow and ice-melting products at the beginning of an event to ensure safe access to your property from the first to the last snowflake. 

    Our vast range of ice management equipment such as salting vehicles ranging for 1.5 yard pick up trucks to 8 yard tri-axle salting trucks and liquid ice management capabilities for both vehicle and pedestrian areas enable us to deliver an environmentally friendly, proactive and cost effective solution for ice management to our customers.

      8Ton Salting Truck Spreading Salt
      Lauder loading a tri-axle dump truck full of snow

      Snow Hauling & Relocation

      Canadian winters can come with a lot of snow and sometimes that snow can interfere with your business operations.  At EDPS Property Services we have the team and equipment to ensure snow accumulation never has to impede your business again.

      • Loaders
      • Snow Dumping Site
      • Snow Hauling Fleet
      • Fast Response Times
      • 24/7 Availability

      Why EDPS Commercial Snow Removal

      At EDPS Property Services our team of commercial snow removal professionals understand that ensuring your property is clear of snow is essential to your business’s bottom line.  Daily, companies trust us at us with their commercial snow removal to ensure their customers and employees have a safe and snow free environment every-time.

      Modern Approach

      At EDPS, we utilize modern technology and equipment to provide a simpler, faster and  a more transparent service.

      Reliable Service

      Building long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers is and will always be our core value.

      Forward Thinking

      We take pride in pushing the boundaries and being ahead of the competition in every aspect of our business.

      Continuous Improvement

      With every landscape completed or lawn mowed, our team is always looking to make the next one better.


      What areas do you service?

      EDPS Property Services offers complete commercial snow removal services in the Greater Toronto Area.  Mainly this includes, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton, and Oakville.

      What is Commercial snow and ice management?

      Commercial snow and ice management is the management of snow and ice buildup in order to keep commerciall business’ and facilities safe, opperating and efficient durring a precipitation event where snow or ice may accumulate.  This includes services such as snow removal, salting services, de-icing services, snow relocation and more.

      What is included in your commercial snow removal programs?

      Our commercial snow removal services are tailored to each customers specific needs.  prior to the season starting we establish key performance metrics and goals for each property we service in order to create a snow removal plan of action tailored to our customers needs and expectations.

      How do we get a commercial snow removal estimate?

      It’s simple, contact our office or fill out the form below and one of our snow removal professionals will reach out to set up a site visit in order to assess and create your tailored commercvial snow removal plan.

      What size of property do you service?

      At EDPS Property Services we specialize in the commercial snow removal of facilities of any size.  Our customers include government facilities, retail plazas, logistics centers and small office buildings.  These properties vary from 1 acre to 50-plus acres of snow plowing.

      Do you offer Snow relocation?

      Yes we do!  Snow relocation is the process of relocating snow from a temporary snow piling location that may be used during and storm and relocating it to your dedicated snow piling area on your property. 

      Can you remove snow from my site?

      Yes we can!  This is called snow hauling, our fleet includes loaders and tri-axle dump trucks in order to remove snow from your site so you can get your parking spaces back.

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